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Attention all Lap Swimmers AND Hydrofitness Participants

During the APRIL and MAY we did a survey of many of the lap swimmers about the possibility of sharing lanes. Starting in the Month of June we are moving to all lanes being shared lanes.  When you are in the shared lane, please follow the lap swimming rules posted at the end of the lane.  One swimmer will start on the deep side of the pool and one on the shallow side next to the office.  Please stay on your side of the lane.  If you are in the shallow or Deep your assigned spot is on the Right hand side of lane.  NO CIRCLE SWIMMING!!! The lane is divided by the black line that runs down the middle. 

If you are unable to make your assigned reservation, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice when cancelling (903)464-4475. We realize there will be special circumstances on occasion but these are the rules we need to set going forward. If you miss TWO reservations without cancelling at least 24 hours in advance, your reservations will be cancelled for the next 2 weeks and your time slot will go back up for others to reserve. You can always log on and check for availability at any time and pick up some of the cancelled lap lanes or call and ask a cashier if there is a available lane.

We understand that this is not ideal, nor will some people feel it is fair. Please know that our only goal is to ensure that as many people who want to safely swim at Waterloo Pool get a chance to do so. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at


World's Largest "FREE" Swimming Lesson - Friday, May 28, 2021

The World's Largest Swimming Lesson™ is a FREE event designed to build awareness about the vital importance of teaching kids to swim to help prevent drowning. What's exciting about the WLSL event is that so many organizations and individual aquatic facilities are coming together to make it happen. The WLSL event helps capture the passion we have for this critical issue as individuals and focuses all that energy on one message for this one day.

The 2021 World's Largest Swimming Lesson™ will take place on Thursday, June 17th. We will hold our session during our Open Swim Time. Registered Participants will take this FREE 30 Minute Class and then afterwards get to enjoy Open SWIM afterwards for FREE. Let's make a difference by working together this summer. After all, learning to swim and the exposure to the water safety skills and messages that swimmings lesson offers provides a lifelong foundation for drowning prevention.
First Session 1-1:30 Second Session 2-2:30 Third Session 3-3:30
Parent or Guardians must sign in the swimmers at the pool prior to them being able to participate. Each swimmer will receive Water Safety information, Admission to Open Swim and a small PRIZE for participating. 

GET REGISTERED TODAY Click on Programs-Pool Programs- Worlds Largest Swimming Lesson


JUNE UPDATE TO ALL Fitness Classes

We are still by RESERVATION ONLY!

Classes are limited to 30 people per class.  Physical distancing is required.  If you make multiple reservations and do not attend or call to cancel if you are unable to come we will pull your remaining reservations to allow everyone the opportunity to come to classes. You must sign in to the class with the cashier when checking in. NO MORE THAN 30 are ALLOWED PER CLASS at this time!

Reservations are done under the Programs tab of RecDesk.
The Class schedule will be: Karon Northington Teaches (M/W/F) Sarah Duran teaches (T/TH)
10:00-10:45  CLASS #1 Monday thru Friday Shallow Water Fitness
10:45-11:30  CLASS #2 Monday thru Friday Shallow Water Fitness
9-9:55 M/W/F Senior Fit Dryland with Karon Northington
9-10:00 FRIDAYS ONLY Shallow water Fitness with Pearl Ann 

5:00-6:00 Deep Water Fitness with Sarah Duran
5:00-6:00 Shallow Water Fitness with Pearl Ann 
ALL  SCHEDULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Please only make reservations for one class per day so that others will have the opportunity to join in.  If you need more time in the pool the Hydrofitness lanes and deep end are open.


SUMMER SWIM TEAM IS HERE- Starting June 1st. 

Swim Team spaces are limited to 30 per team per practice.
For the safety of the swimmers and coaches please wear a mask if you are in the pool area.  If the pool becomes overcrowded or parents/guardians are not complying with mask requirements then you will be asked to stay in cars or outside of the pool deck.  This will most likely be the case when summer begins as our team numbers continue to grow.
The times are as follows:
Denison Dolphins on Monday thru Thursday from 8:30-9:15am or 9:15-10:00am you must choose your group and that will be your practice time.  Lanes will be assigned during practice and differ from session to session.
Metroplex Aquatics Denison USA Swim Team Monday-Thursday 7:30-8:30am

Registration is Now OPEN!!!
Summer registration for Denison Dolphins includes the registration cost of TAAF if registered by June 12th. If registering after June 12th a additional fee of $10 will be added to the cost for TAAF Registration.  Also included in the cost of Summer Swim Team Membership is a Swim Team Tee.  These will be ordered the first 2 weeks of June.
Click on Pool - then PROGRAMS- then Pool Programs and choose your Summer Dolphins time.  If you are a USA Member you will Click on Pool-Swim Team Memberships-Then Metro.  If you are not currently registered as a USA Member you must add that to your cart as well.
USA Members must register for Metro in addition to the once a year Annual USA Membership dues.
All Swimmers will need there own gear to practice with.
If you are on the upper group of Dolphins or on Metro you will need Swim Training Fins.
All Swimmers need goggles.  Now is the season to pick up extra goggles and gear.
If you will go to this is the team link to gear. Metro swimmers will have additional gear to purchase and Coach Dori will go over those requirements with you after registration.