LG - April 2023 Lifeguard Class

American Red Cross Lifeguarding Class June 2022
This is a blended Learning Class there is a pre-requisite online portion that must be completed prior to the start of class.


Class Schedule is as follows:
April 28- Pre-Req Swim and Classroom
April 28 - 30 In Water Skills Training/Classroom

This class will be made up of Classroom Learning, Online Learning and Hands on practice
Perquisites include: continuous 300 yd swim using Freestyle and Breaststroke. Brick Test, and Treading Water.
Must be 15 years old by the end of the course. You must register for the Pre course test that will happen at 5pm on 2.19.18

Program Type General
Program Subcategory -
Program Code LG
Online Registration Yes
Enrollment Begin Date 12/6/2022
Enrollment End Date 4/30/2023
Betty Bridges & Joe Vargas
Gender Any Gender
Enrollment Minimum -
Maximum -
Grade Minimum -
Maximum -
Age Minimum 15 Enforced - As of date 4/30/2023
Maximum -
Residency Restriction -None-
Membership Restrictions -
Amount $150.00
Friday - 04/28/2023
Start Time 5:00 PM
End Time 10:00 PM
Location !waterloopoollgwsiclass
Saturday - 04/29/2023
Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 10:00 PM
Location !waterloopoollgwsiclass
Sunday - 04/30/2023
Start Time 4:00 PM
End Time 10:00 PM
Location !waterloopoollgwsiclass